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We reside in a world that's more and more powered by battery. Golf is going the identical method and the modern golfer has numerous gadgets in his/her bag that requires batteries. Golf carts had been powered by petrol for many years. This made them loud, more expensive to run and not so sustainable.

However, now, as everyone knows, the know-how of batteries has by no means been higher. They continue to enhance. It was once that an electrical cart lasted one round, maybe. Now they'll final far more than this and comfortably take you thru eighteen holes.

Buying a brand new battery for an existing cart can give it a brand new lease of life. It can be a good value means of bettering your golfing arsenal and make your rounds a little easier on the physique. In this text, we need to inform you of what you need to know when looking to make this investment. Here is every thing you have to know to get one of the best battery on your sport and breathe new life into your golf. provides top quality and more helpful lithium ion batteries if you are thinking about shopping for.

Why Are Cart Batteries So Important?

One of the most effective things about golf is that it's a sport for life, you'll be able to play long into your golden years. Golf carts are a key device that will help you continue taking part in as you grow old, it helps take the pressure out of the walk. The purpose that they help is that the battery-powered motor takes the burden to be able to just take pleasure in your golf.

If you have a good cart, it'll carry you over the entire round without you needing to worry about it. Good batteries are also lighter so that every little thing is extra efficient and you can get extra performance out of your cart.

Battery Age – How To Check The Age Of Your Battery

As you may know, time isn’t a great good friend of batteries, one thing that anyone with a cell phone will know well. The type of battery can be important right here though as lithium ion (Li) have a far longer lifespan than lead acid batteries. As batteries get older they do lose capability and efficiency.

The best method to check the age of your battery is locate the serial quantity on the battery itself. By noting this quantity, you can contact the producer and they should be able to tell you how old that energy pack is.

Voltage and amperage of batteries

Most electric cart batteries run on 6V, 8V or 12V methods, you have to check this before you substitute a battery. These batteries could be mixed to boost the general voltage of the battery to energy the trolley.

The amperage of the batteries are usually 24, 28 or 33 amps however, the amps per hour (Ah) rating is a more essential attribute. This number will help you work out what number of holes you must manage on a totally charged battery.

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